Privacy Policy

Protectingyour privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help youunderstand how iPicBox deals with the personal identifiable information ('PII')you may occasionally provide to us via Internet. 

Generally,we do not collect any PII from you when you download our iOS applications. Tobe specific, we do not require the consumers to get registered beforedownloading the application, nor do we keep track of the consumers' visits ofour application, we even don't have a Server to store such PII. 

Theonly situation we may get access to your PII is when you personally decide toemail us your feedback or to provide us with a bug report. The PII we may getfrom you in that situation are strictly limited to your name, email address andyour survey response only. 

Inabove situation, we guarantee that your PII will only be used for contactingyou and improving our services. We will never use such information (e.g. yourname and email address) for any other purposes, such as to further market ourproducts, or to disclose your personal information to a third party forcommercial gains. 

Itshould be noted that whether or not to send us your feedback or bug report is acompletely voluntary initiative upon your own decision. If you have concernabout your PII being misused, or if you want further information about ourprivacy policy and what it means, please feel free to email us at,we will endeavor to provide clear answers to your questions in a timely manner.

Terms of Use

These terms andconditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of iPicBox.
By accessing to the Service, we assume you accept these terms and conditions infull. You may not use iPicBox if you do not accept all the terms and conditionsstated on this page. 

Basic Introduction

To use the service oraccess the content, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.iPicBox does NOT claim ANY ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos,video, sounds, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively,"Content") that you created, you are solely responsible for all theContent that you create using the Service. 

It is yourresponsibility to make sure your use of the Services is legal where you usethem. And you retain the rights to all the Content you created. 

Modifications toThese Items

iPicBox reserves theright to alter these Terms at any time in its sole discretion. When we makematerial changes to the Terms, we’ll provide you withprominent notice in appropriate way, please make

sure you have read thenotice in advance carefully. Your continued use of the iPicBox Services aftersuch notification of changes to the Terms will constitute your agreement andacceptance to such changes. You may stop using the Service under the newversion of these Terms if you object to the changes. 

Copyright andTrademarks

The Services providesusers with the ability to create Content owned by yourselves. iPicBox will nothave any ownership rights in the works you created. You represent and warrantthat you own the Content created by you. 

However, the Service andits original Content (“iPicBox Content”)is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws.iPicBox owns and retains all rights in the iPicBox Content and the iPicBoxServices. 

Disclaimer ofWarranty

iPicBox Service isprovided “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE”, without express orimplied warranty or condition of any kind. you use the iPicBox Service at yourown risk. Fully permitted by applicable law, iPicBox and all owners of thecontent make no representations and disclaim any warranties or conditions ofsatisfactory quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ornoninfringement. 

Limitations ofLiability

In no event shalliPicBox be liable for any loss or damages (including without limitation of anydirect, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential loss ordamage):
- Access to the Service or inability to access to the Service; 

-Any third party'sconduct, content, information or data;
- Personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting fromyour access to and/or use of (or your inability to access and use) the iPicBoxServices, including, without limitation, making private content public or anydamage caused to your computer or software or information stored thereon;
- Any unauthorized access to or use of iPicBox Services and/or any and allpersonal, private, and/ or other information stored therein. 

Thank You

Thank you for readingour Terms. Hope you enjoy editing with iPicBox! 

Support and Contact

If you have anyquestions concerning the Service or the Terms, please contact us by email

iPicBox Tech Support

Support Email:

Please send Email to us if you have any question.

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